Reliability Technology. Principles And Practice Of Failure Prevention In Electronic Systems

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A unique book that describes the practical processes necessary to achieve failure free equipment performance, for quality and reliability engineers, design, manufacturing process and environmental test engineers

It identifies key contributors to failure in product life cycle management and particular emphasis is placed upon the importance of thorough Manufacturing Process Capability reviews for both in-house and outsourced manufacturing strategies

Revolutionary in focus, as it describes how to achieve failure free performance rather than how to predict an acceptable performance failure rate reliability technology rather than reliability engineering Author has over 40 years experience in the field, and the text is based on classroom tested notes from the reliability technology course he taught at Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT , USA Contains graphical interpretations of mathematical models together with diagrams, tables of physical constants, case studies and unique worked examples

The readers attention is also drawn to the many hazards to which a new product is exposed from the commencement of manufacture through to end of life disposal

This book studies the essential requirements for successful product life cycle management